Past Winners

2022 Julia van Eeden Master of Business Administration University of Amsterdam
2021 Dr Rennie Qin Master of Public Health in Global Health Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health , USA
2021 Jinny Leong Master of Philosophy in Economics University of Cambridge, England
2020 Florence Van Dyke Masters of Laws University of California, USA
2020 Roimata Claasen Masters of Business Administration University of Oxford, England
2020 Xavier Black PHD in Public Policy University of Oxford, England
2019 Hannah Liddell Master in Business Administration University of Cambridge, Cambridge
2018 Rachael Jones Master of Laws Columbia University
2017 Rebecca Bonnevie Master of Laws Columbia Law School
2016 Alexandra Sinclair Master of Laws Columbia University
2016 Alice Osman Master of Laws Harvard
2015 Kiri Rangi Toki Master of Laws Harvard
2014 Kristina Bunting Master of Laws Columbia University
2013 Charlotte Greenfield Master of Science in Journalism Columbia University
2012 Lauren Tooker PhD in Politics and International Studies University of Warwick, UK; or University of Queen Mary, UK
2011 Divya Dhar Master in Public Policy Master in Business Administration Harvard University, Boston, USA
2010 Nicole Sharp Master of Science in Sustainable Development University of St Andrews, Scotland
2009 Brigid Livesey Master of Science Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2008 Jennifer Ryan Master of Laws Columbia University, USA
2007 Amy Knowles Master of Laws Columbia University, USA
2006 Yvette Russell Master of Laws New York University, USA
2005 Kerry Tetzlaff PhD Law University of Cambridge, UK
2004 Christine Rose PhD Political Studies University of Auckland, NZ
2003 Larissa Wakin Master of Laws University of Michigan, USA
2002 Blanka Ros Master of Commerce Unknown


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