Nina Opacic

Congratulations to Nina Opacic who is the joint recipient of the 2023 Yvonne A M Smith Scholarship.  With an impressive academic background, Nina completed her Bachelor of Laws with Honours and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Relations and Political Science, at Victoria University. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge led her to further studies in prominent institutions worldwide, including at Berkeley for Environmental Studies, Economic Frameworks in Geneva, International Law in the Hague, and Environmental Justice in Barcelona.

With a diverse range of experiences in both the public and private sectors, Nina has developed a broad understanding of the legal landscape.

Now, Nina is set to embark on her next educational milestone: an LLM in Environmental and Energy Law at NYU. The Yvonne A M Smith Scholarship will support her journey, allowing her to delve deeper into these specialized fields and develop an unparalleled level of expertise. Nina’s passion for environmental issues and her dedication to the energy transition make her an invaluable asset in today’s rapidly changing world.

Post-graduation, Nina aspires to leverage her expertise as an expert adviser on the energy transition. Her ultimate goal is to contribute significantly to New Zealand’s Human Rights Action Plan, serving as a thought leader and driving positive change in environmental and energy policy.

Nina Opacic’s exceptional academic achievements, combined with her experience and unwavering commitment to environmental causes, position her as a rising star in the field of environmental and energy law. Keep a close eye on Nina as she paves the way for a sustainable and just future.