Bridget McLay

Congratulations to Bridget McLay on receiving a grant from the Yvonne A M Smith Charitable Trust and being awarded the prestigious Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship to study at Harvard in their 2023-2024 LL.M. program. ¬†The support from the Yvonne A M Smith Charitable Trust will further enhance Bridget’s experience at Harvard by covering additional costs and assisting her to make the most of her time there.

Bridget’s background as a former Judge’s Clerk of the Court of Appeal and a practicing Junior Barrister at Shortland Chambers, Auckland, demonstrates her strong foundation in the legal field. Her experience as a barrister will undoubtedly provide valuable insights as she explores new areas of legal study and research.

Bridget’s choice to pursue her LL.M. studies in the United States, a major jurisdiction for climate change litigation, is strategic and provides her with an excellent opportunity to delve into this important area of law. ¬†Drawing on jurisprudence/legal philosophy and law and economics, she aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of climate change litigation.

As an aspiring leader of the legal profession in New Zealand, Bridget’s commitment to improving diversity and the internal culture of the legal profession is noteworthy. Her involvement in initiatives like the Purea Nei project, co-founding the Aotearoa Legal Workers’ Union, and mentoring aspiring young lawyers from low decile schools demonstrates her dedication to creating positive change within the legal community.

Her combination of legal expertise, research focus on climate change, and commitment to diversity and positive change make her a promising figure in the legal profession. With the support she has received, Bridget is well-positioned to make meaningful contributions and drive progress in the field of law both in New Zealand and on the global stage.