Holly Sprosen

Congratulations to Holly Sprosen on receiving a grant from the Yvonne A M Smith Charitable Trust to support her pursuit of an MPhil in Population Health Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Holly, a dedicated Kiwi doctor, completed her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Auckland. Following her graduation, she worked in provincial hospitals across New Zealand for six years, gaining invaluable experience. During this time, she was selected for the Royal Australasian College of Surgery and is currently specializing in General Surgery.

Holly is now undertaking a full-time Master’s in Population Health Sciences at the University of Cambridge. She is committed to bringing the skills and knowledge she acquires back to New Zealand, where she plans to complete her surgical training and advance her career. Her decision to pursue this master’s degree is driven by the interconnectedness of population health and surgery, both locally and globally. She seeks to become a well-rounded doctor, benefiting patients, colleagues, and the healthcare system. The diverse curriculum, covering economics, politics, law, and ethics, attracted her to this program.

Holly’s passion for healthcare and her dedication to advancing her skills make her a deserving recipient of this grant. We look forward to seeing her future contributions to the field of healthcare.