Jinny Leong

Jinny aspires to use economics to inform public policymaking and contribute to better outcomes for New Zealanders. Jinny has undertaken research to address topical economic policy issues and has been identified as a role model for young women to pursue a career in economics. Below we share an excerpt from her progress report to date:


“Since my last report in January 2022, I took three elective courses, completed my coursework and sat for my examinations in May and June. Next, I wrote my dissertation in June and July, and submitted it in August 2022. Looking back, I am happy with the academic knowledge and technical skills I have acquired in the past year. My experience in Cambridge has contributed to my growth, both professionally and personally.”

“My dissertation provides a starting point for further research into economic policies that could be adopted to address the adverse consequences of heightened uncertainty. Through the dissertation-writing process, I sharpened my research skills and learnt a lot from my supervisor who has a wealth of experience in this area, which I intend to apply to address the challenges facing the New Zealand economy.”

“It is truly a privilege to dedicate a year to learning and growing at Cambridge. A benefit of the collegiate system at Cambridge is the opportunities to engage with the work of other college members, including research fellows, at regular seminars at my college. For example, I attended seminars held by professors in philosophy, law, astrophysics, and literature, which added breadth to my holistic educational experience at Cambridge. It was an enriching experience and I am sure I will look back fondly at my time in Cambridge in the years to come.”