Enabling academic excellence in young New Zealand women

Yvonne traveling through Europe in 1953

Yvonne traveling
through Europe in 1953

“I admire the way New Zealand women can hold their own with other leaders on the world stage. I want to foster the education of the next generation of leaders.

¬†Education is the precursor to encouraging respect and understanding of others to achieve outcomes superior to what we’ve known before”

The Scholarship

The Yvonne Smith scholarship fund was set up in 1999 to encourage and promote women as future leaders of New Zealand business and society. The value of the scholarship may be as high as $65,000, which compares with the Fulbright and Rhodes scholarships. It is open to women undertaking post-graduate studies in subject areas of political studies, economics, business and law. The scholarship can also be held in conjunction with other awards.


The scholarship is awarded to the candidate who best exemplifies potential leadership in her field as well as demonstrating the potential to make a significant contribution to New Zealand.

2023 Scholarship Winners
Jasmin Albert and Nina Opacic


Grace McLeay

2024 – Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) – Massey University