Update on Move to UK & Semester 1

Greetings from the United Kingdom!  

 I am writing to update you on my studies and my move to the UK.  I officially joined the University of Warwick’s PhD programme in Politics and International Studies eight weeks ago.  While it has at times felt like a non-stop whirlwind of things to do, people to meet and new things to learn, I am now well settled in to the department and my new life in the UK.


 The University of Warwick has a very large and green campus, although it is at more of a yellow-and-crimson campus at the moment as the autumn leaves are changing colour.  In intellectual terms, I could not ask for more: there are so many stimulating opportunities here.  In fact, the main challenge is usually that of reigning myself in, given the many engaging seminars and events going on.  



Leamington Spa, where I am living, is a lovely town with Bath-style regency buildings.  It is a nice environment in which to do a PhD, as it is a student town and there are lots of green spaces to relax in, at least until the winter weather proves too forbidding.


The Politics and International Studies department has a large PhD programme with over 100 doctoral candidates, so it has a very collegial and social atmosphere.  Research-wise, I am continuing to define the contours of my research project in consultation with my supervisors.  In February I will travel to Rome to meet with fellow students and researchers in the Erasmus Mundus consortium of which I am a part.  

 I look forward to keeping you updated on my studies.  Thank you once again for your support to date.


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