Experiences since moving to USA

Semester 1

I came to Harvard Kennedy School to learn about global health policies in particular policies that promote pharmaceutical research and development for neglected diseases. While here I have developed a strong interest in global health entrepreneurship. To aid this I have been on the founding team for Harvard Health Innovation Group bringing together students from across Harvard interested in Healthcare innovation. I am also doing an elective in Healthcare entrepreneurship which has given me exposure to a range of business models from non-profits to for profits addressing developed and developing world diseases. With these insights, I am helping develop the inaugural global immersion program with the Harvard Engineering School that seeks to send a mulch-disciplinary team of students to emerging markets for healthcare needs assessment and scoping of possible engineering solutions.

My other major commitment has been to be elected on as Vice President of the Harvard Graduate Council which is the overarching governing body of all Harvard Graduate Schools.

Personally, I have been making many friends within the Kennedy School, broader Harvard and Boston area. In short, it's been an incredible experience so far.

Our trip down to Providence Town - shortly after I carved my first pumpkin!

Semester 2

 I'm now back - a week late to university due to my sister’s wedding and hence inundated with catch up! Plans for this semester are to execute the Last Lecture Series at Harvard. This will be a new Harvard wide program that will enable popular professors as voted by the student body to deliver a lecture on non-home school grounds with one thought - what's the final thought they'd want to leave for their students if they knew it was their last day. I hope this series will help spread ideas from one school to another.
I will be attending the Clinton Global Initiative in Washington DC and the Unite for Sight conference at Yale this year - both with a focus on meeting key players in global health. I cannot wait to see what other adventures this semester brings.
Welcome back to Cambridge 2012 party that I organized for my friends.

I would like to thank Yvonne and the entire Yvonne Smith Scholarship team
for giving me the incredible privilege to have such a rich experience.
Look forward to updating you at the end of Semester 2.
P.S.  I am now a conjoint MBA/MPA student as I've been accepted into Wharton Business School Healthcare MBA program - I'll be starting this August and I'm very excited!
Further Update

I attended the Clinton Global Initiative on a full scholarship. It was an incredible moment in my life - he is a very smart guy and what I learnt the most was how he was incredibly pragmatic with all his solutions to global problems.

Photo with President Clinton

I'll be launching Harvard's first “Lectures that Last” event - it brings together 12 top professors from all of Harvard's 12 Graduate schools at 1 location where each Professor talks about 1 break through idea. I was the visionary behind this concept and I'm happy to let you know that it's a sold out event with Harvard media covering the event. Will let you know in my full report how it went and will send through some photos.
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